About Us Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Inspired by, and committed to, the fulfillment of our vision, we, at Starmalls, Inc., shall strive:

  • To continously cater to the various needs of our customers and the communities we serve
  • To ensure and nurture the safety, health and wellness of our employees and to prepare them for career advancement
  • To value and respect the rights of our shareholders and other stakeholders, such as suppliers, contractors, customers and creditors
  • To be pro-active in the performance and attainment of our corporate social responsibility
  • To explore other areas for expansion where opportunities for growth and development are abound

Our Vision

Starmalls, Inc. aspires to serve and elevate the Filipino quality of life by building and operating retail shopping malls and commercial centers where vibrant community life is created, shared and celebrated.